Jour d'Hermès


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Product description

Jour d'Hermès is a women's Eau de Parfum from Hermès. Read the Jour d'Hermès reviews from our customers to learn more about the fragrance. Experience Jour d'Hermès for a whole month by adding it to your perfume calendar.

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  • Fragrance family

  • Citrus
    Witte Bloemen
    White floral
  • Associations

    • Style
    • Adventurous
    • Occasion
    • Everyday
    • Season
    • Spring
    • Summer

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
This Hermes represents the sensual femininity the way a lady wants it

It's a shame that this scent stays a bit too intimate, others don't even notice it

Wonderful fresh scent

Normally I am more of the oriental scents but for me this is the perfect fresher version of a floral scent.

Fresh sunny grapefruit with flowers and a soft sweet, powdery drydown

Good for your mood! A wonderfully sunny fragrance with a very natural, juicy grapefruit as the main theme. Behaves differently than you would expect, for instance it's really good on cold days. The scent gradually becomes more floral (jasmine, gardenia, freesia maybe?) and then a slightly sweet powder comes up next to the citrus. Yummy. For me there is only a small minus point: the musk in the base does not behave completely stable on my skin and flares up when hot (or was it contact with my body milk, deo or synthetic fibers in my underwear?) - a very few times a bad, sour note developed, hence not 5 stars. I have experienced this with the synthetic musk in modern scents, especially in combination with citrus, but never with the scents of Hermès, of which I am a fan. The sillage is decent for me (at most arm length) and the smell stays with me for about 5 hours, at the end close to the skin. All in all I like Jour very much. A very recognizable Ellena creation: chic, refined and exciting. I will certainly wear it a lot.