The gift that surprises every month

Parfumado will send perfumes that the gift recipient picks themselves

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No more gift stress

No more gift stress, let the recipient select themselves!

  • Every month a choice of more than 400 perfumes
  • Send the giftcard to yourself or straight to the gift recipient
  • Personalise your gift with a card
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Choose how many months you'd like to give them

No more stressing about getting the right present, the gift recipient can now choose themselves

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I personalise the gift?

Yes! Once you have chosen how many months you would like to include in the giftcard, you will proceed to the payment page and on the payment page, you will be given the option to add a personalised message that will be added to the giftbox with the giftcard.

Is the first perfume sent straight away?

No, we first send the giftbox, which includes the giftcard and a personalised message. When the recipient logs into our website and activates their gift, they can choose a perfume from our collection and the selected perfume will be sent to them on the 1st or 15th of the month (depending on the exact date the giftcard was activated).

Does the gift convert into a subscription membership?

No :) We send the gift recipient an email in their last month, to let them know that the gift duration is ending this month. Once they receive their last perfume, the are automatically cancelled unless they choose to continue by upgrading to a subscription membership.

How long before I receive my giftcard in the mail?

When your order is placed before 3:30pm GMT on a weekday, then your order will be fulfilled and sent the same day. Most likely, you will receive your giftcard in the mail within 5 workings days.