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Flexible subscription


How does the Parfumado subscription work?

A Parfumado subscription is easy! After you have started your subscription, you will see a confirmation window. We work with two shipping dates each month: the 1st and 15th of the month. Depending on the date you start your Parfumado subscription, we will send you your chosen perfume on one of these two dates. You can change your perfume choice up to 7 days before the delivery date (before 11:00pm). If you did not make the deadline, you will automatically receive the perfume of the month. For this reason we advise you to fill in your perfume calendar a couple of months in advance. You can stop your subscription at any stage without obligation via your Parfumado account or via customer service.

What are my subscription options?

At this stage there are two types of subscriptions available. The first one is a monthly membership, where we direct debit your account each month and which can be stopped at anytime. The second one is a fixed-duration gift membership of: 1, 2, 3, 4 or 12 months.

Can I also pause/skip a month?

Yes, you can pause your subscription for a month. If you want to skip this month, you will need to update your subscription status in the account page 7 days (before 11pm) before you delivery date. You can skip up to three months, one month at a time. After a skipped month, your membership will become active again automatically and payment will be debited unless you manually go back into your account and opt to re-skip. 

Am I stuck with a service?

No. Our service is 100% flexible. You can activate and stop your membership whenever you like. All you need to do is log into your account and adjust your settings to active / cancelled / paused.

Can I also order one perfume, as a one-off?

Yes, you can order a perfume just once. In order to do this, you can start a membership with us, receive your first perfume and once you have received your perfume, log back into the account and cancel your subscription. This way you will receive just one perfume from us, eventhough we would happily continue putting a smile on your face every month :)



When will I receive my first perfume?

Parfumado works with two shipping dates each month: the 1st and 15th. You can start a subscription and choose your first perfume in the perfume calendar up to seven days before a given shipment date (of the 1st or 15th). Meaning that if your membership starts 7 days (before 11pm) before the next shipment date, we will include your perfume in the first shipment. If you start within 7 days of the next shipment date, we will send your first perfume on the shipment date after that.

Your subsequent orders will always be sent on that same day of the month, similar to your first perfume e.g. if you are in the batch of the 15th, you will remain in the batch of the 15th.

You will usually receive your perfumes within 5 to 9 working days of the 1st or 15th, depending on  PostNL and the Royal Mail.

And the perfumes I order after that?

Your subsequent orders will arrive every 4 weeks, the delivery batch stays the same as per your first order.

So I can choose any perfume I want?

Yes, you can order any perfume that we offer on the website! The price is the same for every perfume, irrespective of the price of the full-sized perfume in the shops. You can always rely on us for help choosing your next perfume and see recommendations from perfumers and other perfume-lovers. 

Can I see what I have ordered?

Absolutely! In the perfume calendar (top righthand side, the calendar icon) you can see the history of all your perfumes. You can also see how long you have before you need to make your next selection. The account page also has a history of your perfume orders.

Can I also order extra travelcases? Other accessories?

At this stage we are still building the functionality to send extra travelcases and/or giftboxes to the UK. Hopefully soon though! In the meantime, you can order a giftcard for a friend or family member, instead of a giftbox, which lets them choose their own perfume(s). 

In a given month, can I order a second perfume? 

Not just yet, but hopefully very soon! We're working hard at giving you the ability to do this. In the meantime, we occasionally run campaigns and actions that allow you to choose a second perfume. 

What if the perfume goes missing in the mail or arrives damaged?

We will replace missing or damaged perfumes within 30 days of shipment.  If your items arrives damaged or went missing, chat with us or reach out to us on:



What does a perfume cost at Parfumado?

A Parfumado membership is £12.95 a month including VAT, no additional hidden costs. 

Will Parfumado direct debit my account?

Yes, when you start your membership, you agree to our terms & conditions which means that you allow Parfumado to direct debit your account each month. Parfumado will direct debit your account prior to shipping your next perfume. If you cancel your membership (7 days before shipment, as per your account page), then nothing will be debited anymore until you make your account active again.

Are there any additional costs, such as delivery costs?

No, there are no extra costs. The membership price includes delivery and VAT.

How can I change my bank account details?

We are working on giving you the functionality to update your bank account details, however, at this stage it is not possible. If you need to change your bank account details, then we advise you to cancel the membership with your old bank account details and start a new membership with your new bank account details. 

My account


How does the perfume calendar work?

When you create an account with Parfumado, you will see that there is a perfume calendar (calendar icon in the top right hand corner or on the account page), which lets you choose which perfume you would like to receive every month. You can fill in the calendar 12 months in advance and edit at any stage by changing perfumes or changing the order in which you want to receive them. The first perfume choice becomes locked-in and final 5 days (at 11pm) before the shipment date of the 1st or 15th. This means that you have until 11pm on 10th to make changes if you are in the batch of the 15th, or until 11pm on 25th/26th (or 23rd, in February) if you are in the batch of the 1st. If you have not made a selection and your perfume calendar is empty by the lock-time, then we will surprise you with our handpicked perfume of the month! :)

How can I update my personal details in my profile?

Log into your account to update:

  • perfume selection in the perfume calendar,
  • account status: active/cancelled/paused
  • address

If you would like to change your email address, then reach out to the Customer Care team and they can do this for you. You can start chatting to us, or email us at:



Can I give someone a Perfumado membership as a gift?

Great idea! You can buy a membership as a gift on: The gift includes a lovely envelope with a coupon code, which they can redeem online at the checkout. You have the option of purchasing a 1, 2, 3, 6 or 12 month membership gift for them and can add a personal message. The gift automatically stops when the last gift month has passed and the receiver will be informed of this via email.

I have a gift card! What can I do with it?

You can redeem your giftcard on the Parfumado website by using the giftcode (that is given on the giftcard) at the checkout along with the address and delivery date. Once you have done this, you have an account with us and can start adding perfumes to your perfume calendar. Once you have used up the giftcard period (this can be 1, 2, 3, 6 or 12 months), your account will be automatically cancelled. If you would like to continue the membership after the gift period has ended, then you can update the existing account with your payment details and go from there.

Refer a Friend


What happens when I refer more than one person in a given month?

Awesome! You can choose a present for each friend that starts with us, so this means that you get multiple gifts! That said, you can only redeem one referral per month, the other gifts will be queued in your account to be redeemed later on.

I shared my referral code but I cannot choose a gift (yet)?

To choose a referral gift, your friend needs to have started a membership with us. As soon as they start a membership, you will have the option to choose your referral gift on the account page.

What if I do not like the Perfume of the Month?

Sorry to hear that! You can potentially wait to redeem the Perfume of the Month until there is a perfume that you like and choose to receive a different referral gift in the meantime. 

I have shared my referral code with a friend, how can they use it?

Your friend can use your unique referral code at the checkout when they sign up for a membership (after creating an account). Once they successfully sign up for a membership, you will have the option to choose a referral gift as a thank you! :) 

Other questions


Are there any special promotions?

We frequently have promotions that include temporary discounts. Every discount code can be used by two subscriptions per household (= unique address) max. We reserve the right to inactivate the accounts of people who abuse our discount codes (for instance by buying several subscriptions using discount codes on the same unique address). These people will be issued a refund and will not receive the perfumes. We will also report people who abuse our discount vouchers, by using discount counts which were not issued to them (via email).

How can I reach you?

You can contact us by using the chat function on our website, by sending us an email at or by sending us a message on our Facebook page ( We will answer you as quickly as possible. 

Can I travel with Parfumado?

Yes! The Parfumado travelcase is the perfect size for traveling. The 8ml sample size fits in your hand luggage. 

Which countries is Parfumado available in?

At the moment we only deliver to the UK, the Netherlands and Belgium. However, we are working hard to make Parfumado available in other countries too! 

Are the perfumes from Parfumado authentic?

Absolutely! We work only with perfumes that are 100% authentic, supplied by authorized distributors or from the brands directly. We do not work with imitation or counterfeit perfumes; it is something we take seriously. Our decanting process occurs in our lab in Amsterdam, where we take precautions to ensure the decanting process from the original bottle to the sampling bottle occurs in strict conditions.