When we think of niche perfumes, we think of luxury and unique, rare perfumes. In the perfume world, we distinguish between two types of perfumes: prestige and niche. Prestige perfumes can be found in your local perfumery and are from well-known perfume houses. Think Chanel, Dior, Gucci... Niche perfumes originate from smaller, often unknown perfume houses. Niche perfume houses like to implement a certain luxury in their brand. This display is not only reflected in, for example, the packaging, but especially in the perfume itself. Special fragrance compositions are created by using rare, unique and often daring perfume ingredients. In our opinion, niche perfumes are a fair trend and that is why we would like to give you 5 reasons why you should go for niche!

1. You smell unique

You have probably smelled them before: well-known perfumes with a recognizable character that everyone seems to wear. Someone walks by on the street and you think: I know this perfume! When you wear a niche perfume, you never have to worry about smelling standard. When you walk by, people will wonder, "Wow! You really smell good, what perfume do you wear and where can I find it? '

2. You discover new fragrances

You already know most of the prestige perfumes, also known as conventional perfumes. Not that you literally know every prestige perfume, because of course they all have a unique character as well. But you know the type of perfume, because to be honest, prestige perfumes all have the same typical character. It's different with niche perfume. The fragrance composition is very different from prestige fragrances, so your 'nose' has to get used to it. Especially when you are only used to smell prestige scents. Discover something new, something you have never smelled before. Expect to be blown away by a special fragrance experience!

3. Get to know new ingredients

Prestige perfumes are often less daring in their formula and choice of ingredients. Prestige perfume makers often look no further than the standard composition and well known ingredients, such as roses. In addition, synthetic substitutes are often chosen instead of the natural ingredients. Niche perfume houses choose only the best, most special ingredients for their perfumes and they are not afraid to experiment with them. This leads to unprecedented compositions of precious ingredients.

4. Stimulate creative perfume houses

By choosing niche perfumes, you as a customer stimulate the possibilities of young, creative perfume houses. This gives them the opportunity to develop surprising new scents. In contrast to large perfume houses, young perfume houses often spend more time and money on the product itself rather than side issues such as marketing. This way they create more value for the customer and we can enjoy these valuable creations.

5. Benefits such as vegan, natural, sustainable or cruelty-free

There are many advantages to niche perfumes. Niche perfume houses are often young companies, which has recently led them to create a brand identity. Themes such as sustainability have become increasingly important in recent years when developing a new company. That is why you will notice that most niche perfume houses are consciously creating vegan products, cruelty-free tests and sustainable packaging.

We selected 3 niche perfume houses you probably never heard of before:

07 July 2020