There are countless fragrance notes that are used as perfume ingredients. From roses to lavender, from cinnamon to vanilla... we could go on for hours. Most people recognize fragrance notes like these: you know in which fragrance family the ingredient belongs (Floral or Spicy) and what it smells like. In addition to these well-known fragrance notes, there are also many perfume ingredients that are less obvious. You've heard of it, but what it smells like is a mystery. The name doesn't say much and you also don't know exactly where the scent note comes from. Think of ozonic, musk, benzoin... In the series 'Vague perfume ingredients' we highlight vague perfume ingredients.


What is Osmanthus?

Osmanthus is a shrub that can grow between 3 and 12 meters in height. The small delicate flowers on the branches of the shrub can be white, silvery, yellow or sunny orange in color. Especially the osmanthus species Osmanthus Fragrans gives off a beautiful special scent. Originally the osmanthus comes from Asia; in China and Japan the flower is very popular. In these two countries, the dried flowers are also used to make tea. In Chinese medicine, various medicinal aspects are associated with osmanthus tea.

How is Osmanthus converted into a perfume ingredient?

Like most flower species, the osmanthus flower is first distilled with steam. This extraction process produces a precious oil. This oil is the pure fragrance extract of the osmanthus flower which will be used in the perfume.

What does Osmanthus smell like?

Embedded in this tiny flower is an incredibly powerful scent. The osmanthus flower has been known for centuries for its exceptional fragrance, which is so rich that it "spreads itself for miles" as the Chinese writer Yang Wanli once wrote. Osmanthus smells delicate, soft and full at the same time. Floral with an layer of ripe peaches and apricots; this plant smells fruity and silky. The scent also resembles leather and smoky tea with a violet-like sweetness.

Perfumes with Osmanthus


For him: Yvra - L'Essence de Distance

For her: Abel - Pink Iris

Unisex: A.N Other - S/N 2020

06 July 2021