Some perfumes smell so comfortable that it feels like a velvety blanket falling over you. These snuggly scents smell soft on your skin. They give you a warm feeling inside and create a sensual atmosphere. Intimate and loving; only those who come close to you will get to know your delicious, natural fragrance. Sounds like a scent you would like to discover? Then get acquainted with ambroxan, a fragrance note that is increasingly popular in the modern perfume industry.

Creamy, enveloping and musky

Ambroxan has a rich, complex nature. The addition of this fragrance note can turn any perfume into an enveloping, sensual and musky sillage. Ambroxan is often added to perfumes to add an amber accord. Amber accords refer to the complete fragrance experience and character, think sweet, vanilla and musk. Still, ambroxan is wonderful in its own right. There are even perfumers who have created an entire perfume around this one synthetic fragrance note. Some people think it smells salty, soft, and skin-like, while others describe it as creamy, musky, or labdanum-like.

Synthetic ambroxan of natural ambergris?

Ambroxide, more commonly known as ambroxan, is not only a great-smelling fragrance note. It is also one of the most useful synthetic fragrance notes in the perfume industry. Initially, this fragrance note was designed to replace the function of natural ambergris. This synthetic fragrance molecule is known to enhance the scent of the heart notes in a perfume. Natural ambergris has the same effect but is extremely rare and precious because it comes from animal material (sperm whale). Ambroxan is, therefore, the perfect sustainable invention to mimic the authentic ambergris fragrance note. In this case, the synthetic variant is better than the natural one. We love whales like we love perfume. 

Perfumes with ambroxan

For her: Rituals - Rose de Shiraz

For him: Lalique - White Pour Homme

Unisex: Escentric Molecules - Molecule 02

07 October 2021