There is no season as atmospheric as winter. The woody smell of smoking chimneys in the fresh air and a soft cashmere scarf to keep you warm, what could be better. The streets are empty, quiet and lit with twinkling Christmas lights. Inside, a fire is burning, and a winter stew is simmering away on the stove. Your nose is red from the cold, like a famous reindeer, and you feel like warming up inside with a spicy tea. These cold days call for perfumes that warm you up inside. Think strong, aromatic and spicy scents such as amber, incense, cinnamon and Oudh. But perfumes that are less intense and give a comfortable and cosy feeling also hit the right notes. Every season calls for a different fragrance, and that is why we've selected five warm perfumes to give you that cosy, winter feeling.

"Fun fact: the smell of perfume is strongly influenced by the outside temperature. A cold temperature slows down the rate at which the fragrance molecules evaporate and this affects the dry down on your skin."

Our five cosy winter warmers 

Ulrich Lang New York - Lethe

Lethe by Ulrich Lang New York is a woody unisex perfume that's ideal for cold winter days. It is based on the comfort and warmth of love. The subtle notes of musk are reminiscent of intimate skin. Aromatic lavender in the top develops to spicy cashmere wood in the heart and sweet vanilla in the base.

Bon Parfumeur - 302

302 by Bon Parfumeur is just as easy to wear as your favourite sweater. It is the perfect addition to a comfortable winter look. The cold accent of the incense contrasts with the warmth of amber for an intoxicating effect. A dry and woody base is reminiscent of cedar and confronts the softness of sandalwood.

Juliette Has A Gun - Lady Vengeance

A mysterious perfume from Juliette Has A Gun charged with excitement, lust and audacity. Lady Vengeance is reminiscent of a deep-red rose, bold and confident. The combination of synthetic ambroxan and Iso E Super provide a velvety soft touch. This perfume is perfect for a winter date night with your lover.

Miller Harris - Peau Santal

Peau Santal is another intimate skin scent that has the richness, exceptional softness and sensuality of sandalwood. The fresh elements of the wood are lifted with spicy pink pepper and the sweet spice of saffron. Olibanum and papyrus enhance the delicate, resinous quality and rich warmth of this precious wood.

Tom Ford - Noir Extreme

Another one in particular for the men: Tom Ford - Noir Extreme is an intense men's perfume with a real wow factor. Warm, oriental spices such as sweet vanilla and spicy cinnamon blended with sandalwood and refreshing citrus. This perfume is attractive, sensual and present. Treat not only yourself with that warm, wintery feeling but everyone who comes close to you.

07 October 2021