The awareness that we have to make ourselves happy is growing. That it's not our choices that are imposed by others or society, but the choices that we sincerely make for ourselves. We will no longer be put in a box.

"Van Gils 'I' gives you the courage to be and to show your real self."

The Dutch perfume brand Van Gils is determined to break through gender barriers within the international perfume world. They do this by introducing a women's fragrance that is not just 'for her' and a men's fragrance that is not just 'for him'. All this in collaboration with Geraldine Kemper.

In the 'I am I' campaign by Van Gils, Geraldine challenges the classic division of gender roles between man and woman. Not only does she take over the man's clothes, but also his role in relationships and sexuality. This is her attack on gender bias. This is her attack on stereotyping.

We asked her about her favorite perfumes, perfume memories and the collaboration with Van Gils.

Interview with Geraldine Kemper

What was the first perfume that you wore?

"My first perfume was from Naomi Campbell. It was not too big a bottle and at the time, importantly, not too expensive."

In High School, what perfume did you find attractive on others?

"I loved the Hugo Boss fragrance for men. When I smell that fragrance now, I think back to my first love, my first kiss, my first boyfriend... Nostalgia."

Are there moments you prefer not to wear perfume?

"When I'm hangover. Then I can't handle anything, not even a perfume."

What perfume do you like to bring on vacation?

"The perfumes Sun kissed salty skin and Beach Walk from the perfume brand Replica. Recently I also wear Van Gils - I and Van Gils - I For Her! What a surprising, delicious scents they have!"

Are there any 'strange' smells that you love?

"I love the smell of rain in the summer, morning dew in the forest and freshly cut grass.."

Why do you fit so well with the brand Van Gils Parfums and the I Am I-lijn?

"The title says it very clearly: I am I. I am who I am. I can be who I am. There are so many opinions. So many people think about you. But this is clear. F*ck you. I am who I am. And if you have a problem with that, then you better leave.

I love myself. It is so important to be happy with yourself."

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01 September 2020