Perfumes have been categorized by gender for generations: floral, fruity scents for women, woody and leathery notes for men. Stereotyping? Very much. But as times change and equality is top of the agenda, there is a clear move towards gender neutral and unisex perfumes. Nowadays, the lines between men and women have become somewhat blurred and this movement influences our choice of perfume. Wearing unisex perfumes not only means that there are countless more possibilities, you can also share them with your partner!

What are unisex perfumes?

Simply put, unisex fragrances are a hybrid type of perfume that can be worn by both sexes. Where there was once just the choice to buy perfume for men or perfume for women, now you can buy both - in one bottle!

How do unisex perfumes smell?

Unisex perfumes can be worn by both sexes, because they smell neutral. They never smell too much like a heavy cologne or a sweet women's perfume, as other gender-specific fragrances can. They also use gender "neutral" notes, such as fruit and wood, to achieve a perfect balance.

Will I smell the same as my partner?

No, you don't have to worry about smelling exactly the same when you share a unisex perfume. Unisex perfumes work together with your pheromones and natural body warmth to deliver a truly unique, personalized scent. A unisex perfume therefore smells different on every skin. For example, two wearers will never smell the same. Handy, isn't it?

Is unisex perfume for me?

Unisex perfumes are for everyone! Wearing perfume has always been associated with the concept of reflecting who you are. Whether it is to be perceived as more attractive or more powerful, to evoke the age-old interpretations of masculine or feminine, or to radiate something very neutral: the perfume you're wearing will complete your overall projection. Wearing the right perfume - such as wearing the right clothes or the right make-up - is choosing who or what you want to be, how you want to feel or how you want to be perceived as on that one specific day. Dare to experiment.

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15 September 2020