We are in love with autumn! It is such a colourful and fragrant season filled with distinctive images. Imagine walking home after a long day, with a light breeze blowing through the trees. The soft rustle of the leaves echoing around you. You look up and see the different shades of brown, red and orange. You're wearing a soft cashmere sweater to keep you warm while the late summer sun gently breaks through the clouds. Once you get home, you make yourself a spicy cup of tea. You light a pumpkin scented candle, and the full-bodied aromas warm up your home, transforming it into a cosy paradise. This is autumn. No wonder so many perfumes are inspired by this time of year. In this blog, we will explore our favourite autumn unisex perfumes.

                                 Autumn in unisex fragrances

Autumn in unisex perfumes often translates into warm, full-bodied woods, such as sandalwood and oud. These strong scents are often supplemented with oriental herbs, balms and seductive flowers, all of which provide a beautiful fragrance on both male and female skin. It is precisely these notes that are typical of autumn. This is because fall perfumes need to be versatile like the season itself. They can be warmer, fuller than a summer perfume to get you ready for winter.

Autumn fragrance notes

As some of you may know, perfumes consist of different fragrance notes. These notes determine how the perfumes smell and can be seasonal. Typical autumn notes include warm spices such as cinnamon, coriander, pepper, ginger, cloves and cardamom. Different types of wood are also popular in the autumn, such as sandalwood, cedarwood and Oud. Gourmand notes (edible ingredients) also do very well in the fall, such as chocolate, caramel or vanilla. They remind you of something warm and delicious from the oven, sweet and familiar.

Our favourite unisex fragrances for autumn

We've made a selection of our favourite autumnal unisex perfumes. Step out of your comfort zone and discover one of these unique perfumes this season to bring out that ultimate autumn feeling.

Le galion - 222

222 is an oriental fougère unisex perfume. Floral violets and white musk is combined with dark leather to create 222 distinctively balanced fragrance. This composition of both feminine and masculine notes makes this perfume a typical unisex perfume. And as we are learning, they also produce an inquisitive autumnal scent. 

AER - Accord No. 01 NAGARMOTHA

Accord no. 01 NAGARMOTHA is an exotic and balsamic unisex perfume. Rich, floral patchouli is combined with sharp cedar to give it its unique essence. This composition of both feminine and masculine notes makes this perfume a typical unisex perfume. And you guessed it, it'll also pair perfectly with your oversized woolly pullover and your pumpkin spiced lattes. 

Atelier Vesper - Elea

Elea is an aromatic unisex perfume. White floral notes such as magnolia, jasmine and geranium are combined with aromatic sage and Guaiac wood. It's another ideal scent for autumn and fits perfectly into the unisex category. 

State of Mind - État d'Esprit - Aesthetic Turbulence

Aesthetic Turbulence is a warm, spicy and sweet unisex perfume. Fresh, floral and citrus notes, such as jasmine, green tea and mandarin (the fruit) are combined with darker notes of Oolong tea and spicy chilli pepper. This composition is another example of unisex excellence and will transport you to a season of falling leaves and fading nights. 

28 September 2021