When summer arrives, we tend to grab our favorite summer perfume that has been standing on the back of the shelve all winter long. It may smell very good and familiar... but it's not exciting. Maybe it's time to step out of your comfort zone this summer and discover a new perfume? We will help you find a unique perfume with special ingredients. We have selected three perfume ingredients that are not obvious when we think of summer. That is precisely what makes these extraordinary perfumes 10x more delicious!


We know this aromatic plant as a refreshing aroma in the world of perfume. Mint is known for its fruity and sharp character and is therefore ideal for the summer. The aroma of mint mixes very pleasantly with cedarwood, lemon, mandarin, thyme and many more ingredients.

Perfume with Mint

Atelier Oblique - Marble Sea


Figs have a wonderfully sweet and sunny taste and are very inspiring for perfumers. A fig accord is created by combining ripe fruity aspects with bitter, green and milky notes. Figs smell fruity, sunny, milky, green, sweet and a little woody. In a perfume, fig stands out when combined with woody or coconut accords.

Perfumes with Fig

Régime des Fleurs - Vines


Neroli smells citrusy, slightly bitter, warm, sunny and romantic. It has an orange color, honey-like, and reminds a bit of jasmine. Neroli is the distillate from the orange blossom. Neroli smells light-fresh and reminds us of the rich scent of jasmine (indole-like for those familiar).

Perfume with Neroli

SG79 | STHLM - No23

15 June 2021