When the summer sun slowly but surely gives way to cooler autumn temperatures and the trees exchange their green leaves for beautiful autumn colors, it is time for warming fall perfumes. Autumn brings full, tingling scents of fallen leaves and a smoky fireplace. Swap your fresh perfume for the warm summer days for a more pronounced fall fragrance, which will be a fantastic addition to your cashmere scarf or warm sweater. Fall makes us long for warm, comforting perfumes and especially woody compositions fit beautifully with the fall atmosphere. Fall fragrance notes are warm and full, with powerful spices and sweet flowers. Think of pleasant notes of wood, warming vanilla or something sharp and spicy. These are our top 5 fragrance notes for fall.


This spice is perhaps the most typical scent for autumn. Cinnamon as a fragrance note in a perfume smells warm, full and spicy; perhaps a tad sweet to balance the spice. The smell of cinnamon could also be described as slightly fruity, peppery or vanilla. The fragrance note is reminiscent of a freshly baked apple pie, a warm cup of chai tea... Safe and sound for cold winter days.


Maya Nije - Nordic Cedar

Cedar wood

A certain type of wood should certainly not be missing from this list. Our favorite wood for the fall season is cedar, related to pine and spruce. Cedar wood is often used as a fragrance note in perfumes because of its distinctive woody character and versatility. It gives perfumes a soft, dry, warm, sensual undertone. Think of a wet forest after an autumn rain shower.


Rituals - Oasis Verte

Oak moss

Yet another beautiful fragrance note that reflects an autumn green forest. Oak moss is the moss that grows on oak trees. The fragrance note belongs to the chypre and fougere fragrance families and smells mossy, earthy and bushy. Oakmoss as a fragrance note gives perfumes a deep dark green and long-lasting character. For lovers of nature, earthy elements and a clean, natural perfume.


MADE in PIGALLE - Gaspard No. 7


Musk as a fragrance note smells sensual and animalistic. The scent is very natural and is reminiscent of warm, well-nourished, intimate skin. The scent can also be described as smooth, creamy and silky. It offers warmth and a familiar feeling, which nice in the fall. Musk is often used as a base note for perfumes because the scent is long lasting and best developed on the skin itself.


Ulrich Lang New York - Lethe


The leaves of a tobacco plant are often used as a fragrance note to give a perfume a warm, deep scent. The tobacco plant has an aromatic, slightly smoky and sweet character. Tobacco fragrances are elegant scents with an exciting, sultry edge. Intimate and fiery, just like an evening by the fireplace on a rainy autumn day.


Ineke - Fields Notes from Paris

06 August 2021