What makes summer so special, in our opinion, are the wonderful scents that nature has to offer during this season. Tall trees full of bright green leaves, blooming flowers of all colors, shapes and sizes... Combine these beautiful elements with a gentle summer breeze and heavenly scent sensations are all around you. It's therefor no surprise that many summer perfumes are based on these typical natural ingredients. But some perfume ingredients are not only characteristic of the summer, they also smell best during the warm, sunny weather. Would you like to know which perfume ingredients work best in the summer? We have selected our top 5 finest summer ingredients for you!


Bergamot is a small (inedible) citrus fruit from Italy. Citrus fruits are very popular in the summer because of their fresh character. Bergamot in a perfume smells citrusy and zesty. It is an elegant note with a mild spicy undertone. With its complex scent and nuances of fruit, this perfume ingredient is ideal for the summer.

Perfume with bergamot

Extrait D'Atelier - Maître Jardinier


This aromatic synthetic substance adds a maritime note to perfumes. Calone resembles a "sea breeze" with light floral undertones. It has been used as a perfume component since the 1980s for its watery, fresh notes.

Perfume with calone

Rituals - Fleurs De L'Himalaya



This gently scented flower is widely used in perfumery because of its lovely, radiant and summery aroma. Jasmine is one of the most expensive perfume ingredients in the world. That is why the synthetic variant hedione is often used.

Perfume with jasmine

Mancera - Wild Cherry


Thanks to the scent of coconut, you can return to summer any day of the year. Still, this exotic fragrance smells best in the summer. The sweet and soft scent is reminiscent of sunscreen, beach and cocktails. This perfume ingredient immediately provides a good mood and a feeling of relaxation.

Perfume with coconut

Fugazzi - In Love with the Cocos


The perfume ingredient neroli comes from orange blossom. The oil from the blossoms of sweet or bitter orange trees is distilled and has both a fruity and floral character. The Italian term for Neroli is 'zagara'.

Perfume with neroli

Miller et Bertaux - Spiritus / Land #2

11 May 2021