Spicy perfumes are some of the most varied, and often they evoke different associations from one person to another. For example, I might think of richer spices commonly associated with incense and oriental ingredients. Imagine strolling down a vibrant spice market in Southern India. Meanwhile, you might think of fresher spices with aromatic ingredients and green herbs. Closer to the scent that hits you as you entire your favourite spa. The funny thing is, neither you nor I am wrong. Multiple fragrance notes can give perfumes a complex spicy character. And making things even more complicated is our individualised noses. But there are some general fragrance notes which come up again and again in spicy perfumes? In this blog, I will attempt to explain the ins and outs of spicy perfume. Wish me luck. 

What makes a fragrance spicy?

Every perfume consists of three layers: the top, heart and base notes. The different ingredients in each layer create a unique fragrance composition. This composition is decisive for how the notes develop after spraying. The heart is a critical layer of any perfume. This is because the heart notes last for about 2 to 8 hours after spraying. Therefore, the heart notes are the most important factors when establishing the true character of perfumes. If the heart consists mainly of spicy notes, then you've guessed it, it'll be a spicy perfume.

What spicy fragrance notes are there?

There are a lot of different spices that can be used as a fragrance note. At Parfumado, we split them into three categories: orientally spiced, softly spiced and freshly spiced. Orientally spiced fragrance notes usually come from the spices we often cook with. Think cinnamon, pepper, cloves, coriander and ginger. This mixture of spices usually results in a warm and sensual character. Softly spiced perfumes are usually produced with wood ingredients. I know the name 'Softly spiced' is a little misleading. However, these woods commonly evoke spiciness and have a warm, pure and mysterious character. Instead of spices or herbs, they are enriched with sandalwood, cedarwood and musk. And finally, there are our freshly spiced perfumes which use aromatic herbs. Think of your herb garden at home, including sage, rosemary, lavender, and cumin. In freshly spiced perfumes the aromatic herbs are often combined with fresh citrusy notes. This combination often makes these perfumes the lightest of the bunch.

Our favourite spicy perfumes

For her: Tom Ford - Black Orchid EdP

Black Orchid is a warm spicy perfume for our ladies out there or our feminine guys. The oriental spices, such as vanilla, are mixed with floral notes to create a beautifully warm fragrance composition. Black Orchid is for the lovers of everything sweet, warm and spicy. It is also very popular with men due to its depth.

For him: Carolina Herrera - 212 Vip Black

212 Vip Black is a softly spiced perfume for all of our gentlemen. 212 Vip Black opens with a spicy aromatic mint and heavy pepper. This is quickly followed by a subtle hint of ginger and a soft woody base. This is a powerful perfume without being overpowering. 

                             Unisex: AER - ACCORD No. 04 CEDAR

ACCORD No. 04 CEDAR is the perfect example of a freshly spiced perfume. Lavender, ginger root and juniper berry provide aromatic notes that result in a green and fresh character. Delicious in combination with fresh bergamot and warm cedarwood.

15 September 2021