They say: "Home is where the heart is..." We from Parfumado say: "Home is where it smells good!" Or at least, where it should smell nice when you want to fully enjoy the peace and tranquility of being home. As you might know, we are great believers of the fact that scents can affect your mood. And being at home is not just a fact; being at home is a feeling, a state of mind. This sense of home and comfort can therefore be enhanced by scents. You may be using scented candles or an air freshener. Our tip? Spray a nice perfume on yourself with a cozy, homely touch! This way you can experience being at home as something positive.

Will you be home a lot in the coming weeks? Here are the most wonderful perfumes to wear around the house:

White Linen - Estée Lauder

First of all, this intimate perfume from Estée Lauder is very spring-like, with fruity accords and a floral accord of jasmine, red tulip and tuberose. It is reminiscent of a perfect sunny spring day. In addition, the perfume is also very homely, it is not without a reason that it is named after white linen. It reminds of washed bed sheets of fresh white linen that just comes out of the dryer. This is due to the synthetic perfume ingredient 'aldehyde'. All this in combination with warm cedar wood in the base, makes this perfume certainly suitable for a day at home.

Peau Santal - Miller Harris

Peau Santal by Miller Harris is called the ideal skin scent. We also think this perfume is the ideal home fragrance. Sandalwood, the fragrance molecule around which Peau Santal is built, is often used in scented candles and home sprays. Why? The scent of sandalwood reduces stress. Peau Santal has a creamy, warm and full character. A touch of pink pepper and saffron give this perfume a sharp edge. If you wear this perfume, don't forget to spray an extra spray in your room.

Maître Céramiste - Extrait D'Atelier

This Extrait D'Atelier perfume is almost like a second skin because it is so natural. It has a green character, with fresh spicy notes. Pink pepper and metal notes in the top provide the spicy touch. The base consists of clay, incense and iris. These three base notes are the most characteristic of the atmosphere of this perfume. It seems like you find yourself in a ceramic workshop. When the perfume has dried, the mineral notes in this perfume come into their own. This provides a very soothing feeling. Highly recommended for the experienced perfume wearer.

Cacti - Régime des Fleurs

Cacti from Régime des Fleurs contains different notes, all of which have a healing or soothing power. What could be nicer to wear at home than a perfume that gives you rest and care? With its aquatic and aromatic character and a green stratification, Cacti is the ideal invention. Essential oil of Italian bergamot in the top, aromatic cucumber and nourishing aloe vera in the heart. Feel at home with this beautiful and special perfume!

14 May 2020