The weekend of March 28 will be the day: the start of summer time! This weekend is always seen as a start signal for the summer months. The weather is slowly getting better, the nights are getting shorter and the days are getting longer. We may have to sacrifice one hour of sleep, but in return we receive great things. Summer time means that we can enjoy more hours of sunshine in a day and that is very important for our mood! We don't associate the sun with happiness and joy for no reason. Our skin produces vitamin D through sunlight, and this vitamin influences our mood greatly. Research even shows that a vitamin D deficiency can lead to depression. Even though it is still officially spring, enjoy the sun and match your perfume with that sunny, summery mood!

Match your perfume with your mood

It is very important to find a perfume that matches your mood, but also one that matches the day and even what the weather is like! You probably already know that a perfume can have a lot of influence on your mood. Smells are linked to emotions and different smells can evoke certain feelings. But it is also very important to find a perfume that matches other factors, such as the weather. You don't want to wear a heavy and dark winter perfume on a warm, sunny day, but preferably a light and summery bouquet. We can help you find the perfect perfume to get you through the summer months!

Sunny perfumes

Sunny perfumes have a certain character that remind you of summer. We are not so much talking about beach, sea and holidays, but literally the sun! Warm rays of the sun, light nuances and sunny accents. An important factor in these so-called sunny perfumes is citrus. The citrus family is very versatile, such as lemon, bergamot, grapefruit, yuzu and much more. All these fresh citrus fruits are known to be a real mood booster, just like the sun! Certain flowers can also mimic a sunny feeling, such as jasmine and Ylang-Ylang.


For her: BVLGARI - Goldea

For him: Tom Ford - Tom Ford For Men

Unisex: Mancera - Cetrat Boisé

04 March 2021