Spring has arrived and that means we will all be infected with spring fever very soon! Because not only the flowers and the bees return to business in the spring. Did you know that most relationships end in the winter time? That means that by the time spring arrives, most broken hearts will be healed and people will be looking for another spring fling! Shoot your shot with a wonderfully flirty perfume. Or spice up your relationship with a sexy new perfume and surprise your partner if your relationship has survived the cold winter months.

Discover our seductive spring fragrances!

For him: Floris London - Elite

This perfume by perfume house Floris London is an old favorite created in 1980. This makes it anything but old and dusty, but more of a classic. This 'elite' fragrance is adventurous and casual. With an aromatic character of citrus and cedar, this perfume is very seductive. Elite smells fresh and spicy and stays on your skin all day long - in a pleasant yet sexy way.

For her: Alaïa - Blanche

Blanche by Alaïa is floral, seductive and feminine! A true spring perfume with a flirty hint to it. Alaïa's perfumes all have a typical base that is reminiscent of bare skin. Let the imagination run wild with this one! Blanche smells floral and woody, with flowery notes of sunny heliotrope and gourmand ingredients of sweet vanilla and almond.

Unisex: Escentric Molecules - Molecule 01

A real all-time favorite and must-try from Parfumado is the perfume Molecule 01 by Escentric Molecules. It doesn't get any more subtle and attractive than this perfume. It is a light perfume that still smells very recognizable and is therefore ideal for spring. But don't be fooled: this perfume adapts to the skin, so you may not smell it well after some time. However, others will totally adore you! This is because Molecule 01 contains a special perfume ingredient that produces natural pheromones: it arouses sexual attraction. Hello, spring fever!

10 March 2021