Those long, dark winter days with cold temperatures sometimes seem to last forever. Fortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. Spring is closer than you think and that means only one thing: do a spring cleaning! With spring around the corner, we can count on longer days, warmer temperatures and perhaps the first rays of sunshine. Therefore, exchange your warm, spicy and heavy winter perfumes for fresh and sunny spring perfumes. Spring is a symbol of growth, new life and change. Nature awakens from its hibernation and the winter is driven away. It's the perfect time to get your perfume wardrobe ready for spring. Are you ready to exchange your winter wardrobe for a spring wardrobe?

Let's prepare for spring!

The best way to prepare your perfume wardrobe for spring is to reflect on the perfumes you have been wearing for the past few months. The winter months present spicy perfumes with warm notes to keep off the cold. A heavy, powerful perfume in the winter is therefore not a problem at all. You have probably also been wearing a perfume in these wintery atmospheres. However, spring is a transition period between winter and summer, so the perfume you wear in spring must be balanced. Not too summery, but not wintery either. In the spring we therefore prefer to look for green and airy perfume elements. Think vegetable extracts and fresh herbs to reflect nature coming back to life. Soft, powdery and floral extracts are also popular in the spring.

Spring perfumes

When we think of spring, we think of perfumes that stimulate our senses with refreshing new ingredients. Because the temperatures are getting softer, we are also more exposed to the outside world. We meet new people and it is therefore even more important to impress with our delicious, unique scent. Therefore, go for a playful perfume that arouses interest and above all is cheerful. It is not without reason that spring is a season with a symbolic meaning that is celebrated in different cultures!

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08 February 2021