If you didn't already know: we love perfume! They have a unique aroma that makes you feel good, makes you interesting to others and also makes you smell good. Different ingredients are needed to make a perfume smell so delicious. (Almost) all these ingredients come from nature. Think of flower petals, herbs, spices and wood species... Without nature there would be no perfumes. Because of our current lifestyle, much of this nature is in danger of being lost. Environmental pollution leads to global warming, which ultimately has terrible consequences for nature. Many plant and animal species are in danger of disappearing if we continue to live like this. Fortunately, we can put a stop to this so that we can continue to wear perfume safely! How? By living and consuming sustainable!

Consumer Society

We are increasingly reminded that sustainability is important. But what exactly is sustainability? And why is it so important? We live in a time where we are constantly stimulated to buy everything. We forget important issues: do I really need this product? Is the product produced in a fair way? What ingredients does this product have? This consumer society contributes to environmental pollution, waste, health problems and many more negative consequences in the short and long term. Not just for yourself, but for the whole world.

Sustainable perfume industry

Let's zoom in on sustainability in the perfume industry. Sustainability for perfumes means that the scents are made in such a way that they are not harmful to the environment. More and more perfume houses are consciously engaged in sustainable entrepreneurship. This has many positive consequences for nature and humanity.


Sustainable perfumes have as little packaging as possible that contains no plastic. Packaging is thrown away and this can lead to wandering waste. This waste ends up in nature or the sea, for example the large plastic soup in the ocean. By using ecologically degradable or recycled packaging, the damage to nature is limited.


As for ingredients, perfume houses can also make sustainable choices. They can choose not to use harmful substances in the product. Unsustainable perfume houses often do this. The substances are not only harmful to our health, but also to the environment. They end up in the air we breathe, our drinking water and our food.

In addition, obtaining some perfume ingredients is very harmful to the environment. For example, a lot of water is wasted for growing roses and forests are cut for certain types of wood. So if a perfume house wants to create sustainable perfumes, they only choose sustainable ingredients.

Parfumado & Sustainability

Parfumado is constantly making conscious choices and coming up with innovative ideas. First of all, it's smart to try a perfume at Parfumado before you buy a large bottle. If the perfume is disappointing, no large perfume bottle is wasted. We also try to package our perfumes as sustainable as possible. Our travel cases are reusable and long-lasting. Our refills are packaged in reusable paper tubes. We also offer various perfumes from sustainable perfume houses.

Sustainable Perfume Brands at Parfumado:

28 July 2020