The summer is for many people their favorite season and we agree! The sun, the hot weather, trips to the beach…. We can’t get enough of it! But pity it is, there is also a downside. Perfumes namely goes less well with summer temperatures than a cocktail;) That does not mean that you have to walk around without perfume for 4 months! With our tips, you can just enjoy the summer and your favorite perfume!

1. Keep your perfume away from (sun) light

The sun can be very damaging when it shines directly on your perfume. The warmth and the light can change the chemical composition of your perfume. This can make your perfume smell different or even expire! always keep your perfume away from direct sunlight. Preferably keep it in a dark place, for example in your closet.

2. Keep your perfume in a cool place

Perfume is easy to store in cool room temperatures. In the spring, autumn, and winter your perfume can easily be stored in your bedroom. During the hot summer days, your house can warm up, unless you have an air conditioning of course. If you are not equipped with an air conditioner, the best place to store your perfume is in the refrigerator. The refrigerator keeps your perfume cold and dark, the perfect place for a perfume. Besides, it is nice and cool when you spray it on.  

3. Not in the bathroom

The biggest enemy of perfume: warmth and humidity. How about a combination of those two? It can be incredibly damaging to your perfume. A bathroom might seem like the ideal place to store your perfume, but it is not. Especially during the summer months, because, for example, the moisture in the bathroom lingers for a long time after showering due to the heat. Therefore never keep your perfume in the perfume. 

4. Wear light perfumes

Warm temperatures and heavy winter perfumes do not go together that well. Winter perfumes are made from totally different ingredients than summer perfumes and usually have a completely different composition. That is not without reason. Did you know that you can easily filter all our perfumes by season? This way you know exactly which perfumes are suitable for the summer and which are not!

5. Vaseline or (scentless)body lotion 

You sweat faster through the sun and warm weather. This allows the perfume molecules to disappear from your skin faster than normal. The result? Your perfume evaporates much faster. Vaseline and body lotion contain oil which repels water. Therefore, first, apply a little Vaseline on your pulse points or lubricate your body with (odorless) body lotion and then spray on your perfume. This way your perfume will smell nice all day long!

Here a selection of our favorite summer perfumes:

Villa Simone - Alex Simone

Olympéa - Paco Rabanne

Océan Infini - Rituals

Omnia Crystalline - Bvlgar

15 June 2020