Honey: in your tea, in your yogurt or ... in your perfume! This bee-produced extract is loved by many for its versatility. Honey not only tastes deliciously sweet and has a beautiful golden color, honey has many different special qualities. Honey has healing powers for your skin, lets your hair grow and is good for your health. We especially love honey as a perfume ingredient!

What is honey?

Honey is a golden, syrupy liquid that comes from the nectar of blooming flowers. Bees are essential in getting this magical stuff. They make honey by collecting nectar in their honey bag. They return the nectar to the hive, where other bees swallow the liquid until most of the water in the nectar has evaporated. They spray the mass that remains into the combs and then flap their wings to evaporate almost all the remaining water. They do this until the correct consistency remains: honey.


The use of honey goes back centuries. Honey even appears in Egyptian and Indian sacred writings that are over 3000 years old. It used to be seen as something precious, which is why honey served as a currency or gift. It was used to sweeten drinks and food, just like now. But honey also used to be known for its medicinal powers. It could heal people from diseases. It is therefore not surprising that honey is still popular today for various reasons.

What is honey used for now?

Not only is honey used as a sweetener, nowadays it is often used for various cosmetic purposes. Think of the wildly popular honey-infused hair oil from Negin Mirsalehi or the lip balm from Burt's Bees. Also in day creams, honey is said to be an essential ingredient as it reduces acne, heals scars and evens skin tone. There are enough arguments to add honey to your daily beauty routine!

Honey in perfume

The perfume ingredient honey belongs in the gourmand perfume family: sweet and edible scents. That's because honey is deliciously sweet and edible. Honey also has a powdery and floral character. This is not surprising when you consider that honey comes from powdery nectar retained from flowers. In addition, honey has an animalic nuance.
The ancient Arabian perfumers were the first to capture the sweetness of honey in perfumery, but today honey is mostly a synthetic note. Rich, warm, luxurious and comforting, honey works great to emphasize floral accents or add a touch of amber. 

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14 May 2020