Every month we highlight one astrological sign and give a perfume advice that fits the relevant zodiac sign. This month:

Zodiac sign Virgo

August 23 - September 22

The last week of August and the first three weeks of September are in theme of astrological sign Virgo. Virgo is the zodiac sign of people born between August 23 and September 22. The zodiac sign Virgo belongs to the element Earth. The planet that most affects Virgo is Mercury.

Virgo character traits

Virgos are highly intelligent. They have analytical skills and work diligently and accurately. They have a lot of ambition and will therefore achieve a lot. At first glance, the virgin may appear cold hearted. They are not, but because they are reserved with their emotions, they sometimes appear distant. They are always honest and sincere. This makes Virgos very reliable, but they can also be too affectionate.

Horoscope perfume advice

Virgos need a perfume that keeps them sharp during work. Fragrance elements that help with concentration include lemon, peppermint and rosemary. Since the perfume belongs to the Earth element, earthy notes are essential in a Virgos perfume. They need a subtle, intimate perfume to match their reserved look. Perfumes that are too strong or strong will scare off the Virgo. Because Virgos often go on and on, and sometimes find it difficult to take it one step at a time, they can look for the following perfume ingredients for needed relaxation: jasmine, lavender, sandalwood and vanilla.


For her: Hermes - Eau D'Orange Verte

For him: Ermenegildo Zegna - Z Zegna

Unisex: Mirko Buffini - No. 31

23 August 2020