Every month we highlight one astrological sign and give a perfume advice that fits the relevant zodiac sign. This month:

Astrological sign Taurus

April 21 - May 20

The last week of April and the first three weeks of May are in the theme of astrological sign Taurus. Taurus is the zodiac sign of people born between April 21 and May 20. The constellation of Taurus belongs to the element of Earth. The planet that most affects Taurus is Venus.

Taurus Character Traits

The Bull is a real bon vivant. Good food, good wines, luxury travel; the Taurus can't get enough! Since the Taurus is very generous, they most enjoy sharing this luxury with others. Taurus love peace and relaxation and need a moment to themselves every now and then. They are patient and purposeful, persistent and determined. A Taurus will therefore not give up easily. Where others have already given up the fight, the Taurus fights for what he / she wants. However, a Taurus prefers not to take risks, but goes for security and stability. They are helpful and excellent partners. Despite the fact that Taurus can listen well, they are also stubborn. Especially when they feel attacked, they can become rebellious even. A wise lesson for the Taurus: don't hold a grudge, just let go and forgive.

Horoscope Perfume Advice

Taurus don't just enjoy good food, a good perfume is also appreciated! They love to indulge themselves, especially when it comes to cosmetics. A wonderful scent cannot be missed in a Taurus' beauty routine. The perfume can be quite strong so that others can enjoy it, but it should not be too much. The perfume of the Taurus is personal and therefore needs a certain intimacy. An unknown and daring perfume is not the first choice for the Taurus, they prefer something familiar. But once the Taurus opens up, they will find they are not as picky as they think they are. Taurus prefers natural perfumes that are close to nature.


For him: Van Gils - I For Him

For her: MADE in PIGALLE - Marie No. 3

Unisex: Layers - Sandalwood / Musk

08 April 2021