Every month we highlight one astrological sign and give a perfume advice that fits the relevant zodiac sign. This month:

Astrological sign Gemini

May 21 - June 21

The last week of May and the first three weeks of June are in the theme of astrological sign Gemini. Gemini is the zodiac sign of people born between May 21 and June 21. The constellation of Gemini belongs to the element of Air. The planet that most affects Aries is Mercury.

Gemini Character Traits

People often think that the Gemini zodiac sign has two faces. However, in astrology the zodiac sign is known as a positive and adaptable sign. They are social beings that can adapt to many situations and this sense of intuition is often confused with insincerity. They are however not insincere at all. Gemini are communicative, charming and witty. Gemini is a masculine, light-hearted zodiac sign. Despite being fickle at times, Gemini are open-minded and love to make others laugh. Gemini are creative and adventurous, and they don't want to be pinned down by anyone. They are constantly gaining knowledge; they are true philosophers. In addition, Gemini has a need for change and dullness is their worst enemy.

Horoscope Perfume Advice

Gemini and Parfumado go together better than any other zodiac sign. As they long for continuous change, the freedom to choose a different perfume every month is ideal. Gemini love diversity and adventure; discovering new perfumes therefore makes them very happy. But what ingredients and perfumes go with this charming sign? First of all, unisex perfumes are a must for Gemini. Masculine ingredients such as wood, herbs and resins fit this zodiac sign better than feminine ingredients, such as flowers. The perfume should be light, not overpowering, but striking.


For him: Mirko Buffini - Gods

For her: Le Galion - 222

Unisex: Histoires de Parfums - 1969

11 May 2021