Every month we highlight one astrological sign and give a perfume advice that fits the relevant zodiac sign. This month:

Astrological Sign Cancer

22 June - 22 July

The last week of June and the first three weeks of July are in theme of astrological sign Cancer. Cancer is the zodiac sign of people born between June 22 en July 22. The zodiac sign Cancel belongs to the element of Water. The planet that most affects Cancer is the Moon.

Cancer Character Traits

Cancer is a mysterious sign, full of contradictions. They want safety and comfort, but also seek adventure. They are very helpful, but they can also be grumpy and indifferent. Cancer has a powerful personality that can be easily hidden underneath a calm and cool exterior. Cancer is very likeable, imaginative, protective and patient. Cancer prefers not to make demands, but when a Cancer wants something, he or she can be quite persuasive and determined. They tend to avoid conflict unless they don't get their way. They don't like the unknown and are guided by emotions. The Cancer is one of the friendliest zodiac signs and values family and friendships very much.

Horoscope Perfume Advice

Underneath the hard shell of the Cancer hides a soft, subtle character. This symbolizes what a Cancer likes to wear when it comes to perfumes. A spicy, woody and sharp edge that reveals a floral, seductive core. The sweet, nurturing soul of the Cancer needs love and attention. Therefore, this water sign likes to wear pleasant scents with appealing ingredients. Cancers are at their best when they feel safe, be it emotionally, spiritually, romantically or financially. Therefore, a Cancer should wear a perfume that could act as a kind of talisman, to make the wearer feel confident and safe.


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For her: SG79 | STHLM - No6

Unisex: Linari - Acqua Santa

16 June 2021