Every month we highlight one astrological sign and give a perfume advice that fits the relevant zodiac sign. This month:

Astrological sign Aquarius

January 21 - February 18

The last week of January and the first three weeks of February are in the theme of astrological sign Aquarius. Aquarius is the zodiac sign of people born between January 21 and February 18. Astrological sign Aquarius belongs to the element Air. The planet that Aquarius most affects is Uranus.

Aquarius Character Traits

Aquarius are eccentric individuals with a creative mind. They are incredibly original and love to be different from the rest. This makes Aquarius a bit opinionated. They are willful and unpredictable and will always do what they think is right, even when others disagree. Aquarians are full of fantasy and dreamy, but on the other hand also very wise. Having fun and being independent in life is essential for an Aquarius.

Horoscope Perfume Advice

An extravagant perfume is what Aquarius is looking for. A perfume that stands out, just like themselves. Playful perfume ingredients that you would not expect together or an original composition of fragrance notes. Aquarius longs for fun, so their perfume should match that. The light and dreamy character of the Aquarius should not get out of balance and therefore a light perfume is better than a heavy one. So it may smell distinctive, but not overpowering. Aquarius have their birthday in the coldest winter months, so a warm perfume is appreciated.


For him: Lalique - White Pour Homme

For her: Clinique - Happy Woman

Unisex: 109 PARFUMS - Iris Sofrana

03 February 2021