Us perfume lovers have a love / hate relationship with the summer. On one side, summer is the ultimate season to enjoy your perfume. Because of the warm and sunny weather we go outside very often. Therefor, we can impress more people with our wonderful scent. In addition, there are a lot of summery perfumes - each even better than the other - that give us that ultimate summer feeling. Unfortunately, there is also a downside to summer, especially when it comes to perfume. Sunlight and warm temperatures can be bad for your perfume. Not only in the bottle, but also on your skin. Very annoying, but don't be disappointed; you can enjoy your favorite scent this summer, as long as you keep the following rules in mind!

How to wear perfume safely in summer

UV radiation from the sun in combination with perfume can irritate your skin. Every skin is unique and it may be that you are sensitive to a certain substance in perfumes and in combination with UV rays this is reflected. If you want to enjoy your perfume in the summer, it is best to spray perfume in places that don't see much sun, such as under your clothes or under your long hair.

Protect perfume against sunlight 

Not only on your skin, but also in the bottle sunlight can be very harmful to the composition of your perfume. Your perfume can change in scent, discolor or even evaporate differently due to the heat and light. So be aware to never put your perfume somewhere where it is exposed to direct sunlight. This way you prevent your perfume from being affected. Next to a window is not a suitable place to store your perfume; a dark drawer, for example, is. Our travel cases and black tubes are also very suitable to protect your Parfumado bottle from sunlight.

Protect your perfume against hot temperatures

Like sunlight, warm temperatures are very harmful to perfume. So avoid exposing your perfume to summer temperatures for a longer time period. The most optimal temperature to store perfume is below 15 degrees Celsius. The refrigerator is a perfect place to store perfume, especially during the summer. This way your perfume does not expire as quickly and it is also nice and cool when you spray it on.

Beach day?

A humid climate is not optimal for your perfume. Your bathroom for example is not a suitable place to store perfume, because the perfume is constantly exposed to heat and moisture. Would you like to take your perfume with you to a day at the beach or swimming pool, so that you can disguise the chlorine or sea water? You definately can, but don't forget your travel case to protect it against water and sand. Very important: after a hot beach day, don't keep your perfume in the same bag as your damp beach towel.

11 May 2021