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Men perfumes you can wear as a woman

Because why limit your perfume choice to your own gender? You've probably heard of unisex perfumes before: perfumes that you can wear both as a man and a woman. Unisex perfumes are simply scents that are gender neutral, they can be worn by anyone. The rest are labeled as 'women's perfume' or 'men's perfume', but these labels are really just guidelines. Of course, certain women's perfumes are very sweet or floral, which makes you more likely to associate them with a woman. And vice versa, some men's perfumes are too spicy and masculine for women. But there are certainly men's perfumes that you can wear as a woman!

 Why are perfumes labeled 'for men' or 'for women'?

The use of perfume dates back hundreds of years and during all these years perfume was never labeled as 'male' or 'female'. Until marketing made its appearance at the end of the 19th century. The market changed completely and the division of roles between men and women, which was much more defined at the time, was carried through in the presentation of products. In addition, it was around that time synthetic perfume ingredients were invented. Floral, soft notes were first labeled and marketed as "feminine." Since then, perfumes have always been labeled with a gender, unless they are unisex.

What defines a perfume to be 'for men' or 'for women'?

Whether a perfume is male or female is determined by how the perfume house markets the perfume. In Western countries, gender-specific perfumes are partly a cultural phenomenon, partly based on stereotypes. If Western perfume houses choose a pink bottle with floral ingredients, such as roses, chances are that the perfume has been marketed for women. In the Middle East, on the other hand, it is often men who wear roses as a perfume ingredient. Besides the cultural aspect, it is also determined individually. Consider personal scent associations; memories associated with smells. If your father or grandpa used to wear a woody perfume, you will be more likely to consider a woody perfumes to be for men.

So men's and women's perfumes are actually a marketing trick?

Yes and no. Yes, marketing plays a big role, but some ingredients and fragrances are simply considered male or female by a majority of the population. In addition, ingredients develop differently on the skin per person and hormones play a major role in this. Because male and female hormones are different, a perfume will never smell the same on male skin as it does on female skin. That is why some perfumes are made for a man or a woman, because the ingredients simply react badly to hormones of the opposite sex.

How do you know which men's fragrance you can wear as a woman?

You decide that yourself. Never let a label stop you from wearing a perfume you like. If you like a perfume, be it a men's perfume or a women's perfume, then you wear it. Try as many perfumes as you like and wear what makes you happy! If a men's perfume attracts you very much even though you are a woman, then there is nothing wrong with that. In addition, the chance is much smaller that another woman is walking around in the same perfume as you.

We have made a selection of the best men's perfumes that you can wear as a woman. Keep in mind that men's perfumes are most likely to be more powerful. If this doesn't scare you at all, give the following perfumes a try ...

Van Gils - I For Him

Zadig & Voltaire - This is Him!

Paco Robanne - Pure XS Night

21 October 2020