Don't you just love the spring? The birds are chirping, flowers are appearing all around you, the sun starts shining... It's such a lovely sight! Spring is a sign of a new beginning, a fresh start. Let all your worries behind in the cold, dark winter days and embrace all the wonderful things that come with spring. For us, a new season always means a new perfume. Because your warm and spicy fragrance doesn't quite match with spring now, does it? Let us inspire you with these wonderful spring fragrances that will cheer up your mood instantly!

Coach Florale - Coach

Have you already tried this floral version of the original Coach perfume for her? Coach Florale is a wonderful, citrus-fruity perfume with floral notes. A must-try, light and spring-y twist to the original!

Lumière Dorée - Miller Harris

Miller Harris is a niche perfume brand, and they created this unique spring fragrance just for you. Parfumado's customer Liedewey wrote the following: "Really a wonderful scent. Mediterranean, citrus, fresh. I am constantly asked what kind of fresh fragrance I'm wearing."

Candy Florale - Prada

This Prada perfume really is sweet like candy. Give that a hint of floral notes and voila! You've got yourself an exquisite spring fragrance. It's main notes are often described as fresh, floral and citrusy. 

Jasmine / Osmanthus - Layers

This perfume is really a must-try if you want something unique. It's a very soft, powdery and floral perfume with fruity notes of apricot and creamy coconut. What are you waiting for?

Le Parfum - Elie Saab

Le Parfum is about to become your favorite perfume! It's sweet like honey, has hints of citrus and is build around a white floral heart. Parfumado customer Marieke wrote: "Lovely scent, sweet but not too sweet and lingers wonderfully all day long."

14 May 2020