Of course you want to enjoy your beautiful perfumes for as long as possible, so how do you keep them in the best way?

The answer is short and simple: dark, cool and tightly closed. Your perfumes and scented products have 3 enemies that can threaten their lifespan: light, temperature and strangely enough: your own skin.

Perfume does not tolerate light well

Light can affect components and make them smell less strong or even bad. In a drawer or another place where it is dark most of the time, the quality is improved.

Keep perfume in cool places

High temperatures and fluctuations in heat are the second enemy to perfume quality. Heat accelerates the aging process. Putting your travel spray in the fridge may not be practical and not everyone has access to a cellar. However, both places are perfect storage places. Just keeping the perfumes in a closed cupboard in a relatively cool bedroom is a bit easier. You want to keep them good for a long time in places where you do not have to keep your perfumes: full in the sun and steamy bathrooms.


If your perfume comes into contact with your fingertips or skin in general, your skin oils will get into your perfume. Unfortunately, this can also speed up the breakdown of your perfume. Try to avoid this as much as possible. If this does not work (such as with a perfume solid or perfume oil), always ensure dry clean fingertips.

Getting older is part of life

How do you know if perfume is no longer good? You can often tell from the color of the liquid whether your perfume is too old or not properly stored. The color can change, usually it gets darker. Sometimes it also benefits a perfume and an older perfume has become deeper and more intense. Here we speak of positive aging, the "ripening" of a perfume (like a good wine).

But the very best tip: Enjoy your perfume and use it often. Then they certainly do not get too old!

18 August 2020