Of course you want to also enjoy your favourite perfume this summer. There is nothing better than a fragrance that lets you fully experience the summer! Like being taken immediately back on 'that' holiday, as soon as you smell sunscreen... Or wearing 'that' fresh perfume thats cool you on those hot and sultry days... 

'It is best to spray your perfume on parts of your body that do not see much sun' 

But, combing the UV radiation from the sun with perfume can irritate your skin. Here, we give tips on how you can safely enjoy your perfume in the sun.

What is important to know?

Planning a beach day or lunch on a sun-drenched terrace? Then think twice before using perfume. Especially on parts of the skin that are directly and fully exposed to sunlight. Certain ingredients used in some perfumes can cause a hypersensitivity to UV light and cause pigmentation overtime. Similarly, essential oils from lavender and citrus fruits can also cause irritation.

How can I safely use perfume?

If you want to enjoy your perfume in the summer, it is best to spray perfume in places that do not see much sun, for example under clothing or under long hair. That said, you can be creative and consider spraying your summer-fragrance on a scarf, a towel, in your hair or on your clothing. This way you can enjoy your favorite scent while enjoying the sun!Be careful with delicate fabrics such as silk though: perfumes can cause stains on these types of fabrics. 

Can I wear perfume if I go in the sun? 

Some perfumes can give you a (allergic) reaction when exposed to sunlight. Your skin is unique and it could be that you are sensitive to a certain substance in perfumes when exposed to UV rays. This reaction usually occurs 24 to 48 hours after the sun exposure. Irrespective of the cause, get out of the sun if your skin reacts strangely, such as a rash, itching or very fast burns and consult your doctor if necessary.

Reference: Nederlandse Cosmetica Vereniging & Perfumelounge

31 July 2019