Viva Fragranze! 

During the last year, the chance to enjoy fragrance fairs have come at a premium. Actually, that is too generous because they were non-existent. I guess that is not surprising given that our most helpful tool has been covered for the last year inside public spaces. So when the opportunity arose to return to one of our favourite fairs, we jumped at it. I (Floor van Rooy), my brother and co-founder Martijn, and our Brand Partnership manager Floor Fangman jumped on a plane to Florence to attend the Fragranze

It was a chance to reconnect with some long-standing partners and hopefully meet some new ones. Between us, we smelt hundreds of perfumes. Ranging from the okay to the good, to the oh my god, I need a bottle. In between all of our nose tingling exploration, we were reminded of the brilliant and inspiring vibe that the fragrance industry exodus. Either that, or it was Florence. I will let you decide. 

Fragranze is a particular favourite of mine; the romantic setting in the perfume epicentre of Italy is hard to beat. Perfumers from around the world folk to the Tuscany capital to show off their new concoctions. Although, this year lacked the same American presents as past years because of travel restrictions. We will see you all soon, we hope. 

As you might imagine, it is easy to get wrapped up in these sorts of shows, especially this one. The smells, the style, the glamour, it can and often does, leave you in a tailspin making it difficult to take anything concrete away. Other than the less than insightful comment that that was lovely or didn’t that smell good! 

Fortunately, I had Floor Flangman with me, who shares a similar preference in fragrance as well as a name. We set ourselves a monumental task to find five more. You will read more about them in my next entry, but for now, allow me to whet your appetite with one. 

FUMparFum - Blur EdP


FUMparFUM is a unique perfume house founded in 2011 by Lithuanian artist Aistis Mickevičius. The creative studio remains based in Vilnius. They hand-make their perfumes through a combination of traditional European methods and new school ideas. This particular edition is balanced between a subtle sweetness (which reminded me of berries) and a clean airiness (which made me think of a soft cloud floating by). 

Another brand that is worth mentioning is ROADS. ROADS was founded in 2013 by Irish-Sri Lankan-German Actress Danielle Ryan. As she says on their website.

“It’s not about me. The perfumes are based on the interesting concepts I find around me, but ultimately, the scent will connect to the wearer for their own reasons."

- Danielle Ryan

I think it is fair to say, Floor and Martijn all loved the concept behind ROADs too. We hope we can share some more amazing experiences with you soon. In the meantime, keep an eye out for some exciting additions to our collection. 

07 October 2021