Floor is known at our office as one of Parfumado's greatest enthusiasts and knows everything about every perfume in our collection, and maybe even more. She uses this knowledge to provide our customers with personal scent advice, among other things. Floor is, besides COO, co-founder of Parfumado (responsible for daily operational management of the entire company) & the sister of Martijn, Parfumado's founder. This perfume expert previously told us which perfumes she wears herself, but in this blog she tells all about her top 3 perfumes for men.

Top 3 Perfumes for Men

1. YVRA - L'Essence de Flamboyance

"I like classic spicy men's perfumes. Since most people rely on the opening of a fragrance (the notes you smell the first minute after spraying), I do have to mention a disclaimer. L'Essence de Flamboyance opens very intensely, but after that this perfume really develops into my all-time favorite. It is also very rich on a scarf or sweater. Whenever someone wears it, I always say something or ask, "What are you wearing?" It is a fairly unknown perfume, so I am always surprised when others have discovered it too. I know the owner well, he is a nice man. I like to promote his perfumes in my friend group. I believe I have already given 10 of these as gifts."

2. Hermès - Terre D'Hermès

"A classic, who does not know it? No less good either way... It remains a very good perfume that is famous worldwide for obvious reason. I think it is a wonderful, summery fragrance. My husband has been wearing this perfume for years."

3. Le galion - Sang Bleu

"I always have the honor of testing new launches. I really enjoy doing that. It is always special to receive a sample box from a beautiful new niche brand. Sang Bleu from perfume house Le Galion was an immediate hit. It is a spicy striking perfume, and great for men. I immediately launched it as perfume of the month and it got really good reviews. In any case, Le Galion is one of the most beautiful perfume brands I know!"

12 March 2021