Geza Schoen is the nose behind the ultra-modern Escentric Molecules fragrances. Since 2006, when he started his project with the launch of Molecule 01, which contains only the Iso E Super molecule, his brand has become an absolute success. The new concept that fragrances should respect the individual aspects of each skin is a milestone in the perfume industry. Escentric Molecules is able to communicate with each unique carrier of the perfume, creating a perfume that accentuates the scent of our own skin instead of obscuring it.

Molecule 01

Escentric Molecules is extremely popular for its award-winning perfumes. This perfume house owes its fame in particular to perfume Molecule 01. This perfume has created a lot of fans in recent years and we definitely understand why. What makes this perfume so unique is that it consists of only one fragrance molecule, Iso E Super. This molecule has a soft, woody scent that smells different on every skin. In addition, this molecule is aphrodisiac; it produces natural pheromones and makes you more attractive to the opposite sex.

The New Variations

Are you already familiar with Molecule 01? Then we have some very good news! Escentric Molecule recently released three new variations of the bestseller. The line is given an extension beyond the Iso E Super molecule. The specialness of Molecule 01 is mixed with notes of iris, patchouli and mandarin. This way you can enjoy the familiar scent of Molecule 01 as before, but with a touch of new.


Escentric Molecules - Molecule 01 + Mandarin

The perfect version for hot summer days. The juicy freshness of mandarin blends with Iso E Super to create the perfect perfume for citrus lovers with character. The perfume is fresh, yet it has a woody and comfortable facet that distinguishes it from the compositions we already know. Molecule 01 + Mandarine takes you to the beach, to an outdoor walk and to a sunset on a hot summer evening.


Escentric Molecules - Molecule 01 + Iris

The comfortable aspect of Molecule 01, which is soft, warm and slightly woody, turns into a cozy and powdery scent. The iris leaves a subtle powder sensation on the skin already scented with Iso E Super, evoking the memory of a baby's skin. Molecule 01 + iris is addictive for those who are passionate about perfumes with iris.


Escentric Molecules - Molecule 01 + Patchouli

The woody and soft aspect of Iso E Super takes on a differentiated and earthy depth. Something skin-like and human appears in this fragrance, as if you're wearing a cashmere scarf that hasn't been washed since last winter and still smells familiar, and surprisingly good. This fragrance is perfect for colder days, when you want to feel more comfort and warmth.

15 June 2021