Citrus Fruity... A much loved sub-fragrance note in perfumes, for both men and women, with a sunny and juicy character. It refers to the distinctive fragrance of perfume ingredients such as citrus fruits and other fruits. Think sour lemon, bitter grapefruit, sweet orange, spicy bergamot, but also juicy peach, fresh apple and aromatic fig. Curious about what sub-notes actually are? Or are you curious about the most popular perfumes with a Citrus Fruity sub-note? Let us explain the refined terms and knowledge of the world of perfumery!

A sub-fragrance note: What's that?

In the world of perfumes, there are many terms to describe how a perfume smells. A perfume is made up of different ingredients, such as roses or oak. These ingredients determine how a perfume smells, but the character of a perfume is defined by the following terms:

First of all, you have the 4 fragrance families: Woody, Fresh, Floral and Oriental. Each perfume belongs to one of these fragrance families. All these fragrance families are divided into sub-fragrance families, such as dry wood under Woody and soft floral under Floral. By dividing perfumes into these (sub) fragrance families, you can distinguish perfumes from each other. In addition, every perfume also has notes and sub-notes, which describe the characteristic fragrance of the perfume. The different notes are: classic, crisp, fresh and rich. Sub-notes include white flowers, gourmand and citrus fruity.


The summer-ish and sweet character of Citrus Fruity

Perfumes with the sub-note Citrus-Fruity will have citrus and fruits as ingredients. Citrus fruits provide a refreshing quality for perfumes. They are often used in the top notes of a perfume, which delight our nose when a perfume has just been sprayed on. Citrus accords clear the mind and feel sunny and optimistic. They provide an atmosphere of easy elegance and beauty. Bergamot in particular is an essential part of the classic Eau de Cologne formula. Citrus fruits are a classic companion to other fruits. This combination provides a summery, often sweeter fragrance.

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