Winter is coming! It's time to pull out your wool scarves and thick sweaters and get ready for this fragrant season. Winter is versatile, and everyone has different associations with it. One immediately thinks of a warm cup of chocolate milk with whipped cream in front of a crackling fire. The other sees thickly packed snow covering a dark green pine forest. All those unique and personal associations capture your imagination; they evoke memories and emotions. And that's before we mention the holidays! But how can you bring our winter imagination to life? With a winter perfume that stimulates all your senses! It doesn't matter what wintery thing you think about we are sure that there is a perfume for every winter memory.

Luxurious wintersport in St. Moritz

Skiing in St. Moritz is the definition of a luxury winter sports holiday. You can be found on the slopes all day long, with a fresh wind through your hair and a softly shining sun that reflects off the white snow on your face. You might make a quick stop at the après-ski afterwards but then return to the comfortable five-star hotel. First, warm-up and relax in a steamy Finnish sauna that smells of the fresh and fruity aroma of dry wood. Then put on your favourite Cashmere sweater and wrap yourself in a warm woollen blanket by the fire.

Try: Æther - SUPRÆ

Burning, smoking wood fire

The ice-cold wind blows hard, and so the fireplace is lit inside. Smoky notes of burning wood and tobacco fill the pungent outside air; you can only smell this fragrance in the cold winter months. Smoked wood accords evoke the image of crackling red embers. The smoky depth of tobacco reflects the smouldering wood. All these notes produce an exciting, intimate perfume. 

Try: MADE in PIGALLE - Abel No. 18

Warm baked goods fresh out the oven

During the holidays, it's impossible to ignore homemade delicacies. Warm, sweet and spicy aromas float throughout the house. Imagine being little again and standing in your grandmother's kitchen for a moment. The smells are too much to handle, and all you want to do is eat. Then a warm, steaming herb cake is taken out of the oven. It has a scent of cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom and pepper. Your stomach starts to growl, but you have an agonising wait ahead as it cools. These spices are not only delicious in a freshly baked cake but also a winter perfume. 

Try: Montale - Chocolate Greedy

New Year's Eve cocktail party

10... nine... eight... seven... There you are, in your sexiest cocktail dress or tuxedo. You look around you and see the people counting down, anticipating the ensuing celebrations. You're a little tipsy, but so is everyone else. In any case, you don't have any worries on your mind, except who you will hold in your arms at midnight. Six...five...four...A new year is coming this year you're going to pop and make all your dreams come true. New Year! Winter is the festive season, and there are plenty of parties to impress your family, friends, colleagues, whoever! It's the best time of the year to discover a new, surprising perfume.

For her: PEPE Jeans - Celebrate For Her

For him: PEPE Jeans - Celebrate For Him

07 October 2021