HAYARI Paris is a Parisian fashion house whose 'savoir-faire' is known all over the world. Founder Nabil Hayari (1973) transforms fabrics into the most beautiful dresses and flowers into the most unique fragrance creations. Together with its accomplice, Hugues Alard, fashion house HAYARI Paris has become even more fascinating due to the addition of perfumes. The HAYARI Paris perfume collection celebrates the love and complexity of women. Like the women behind the inspiration, the perfumes are based on passion, seduction and mystery. A woman's natural beauty is at the heart of Nabil Hayari's designs and so are his perfume creations.


To guarantee the exceptional quality of its luxury products, HAYARI Paris pays particular attention to the creation and production of its perfumes. With this in mind, the Robertet company was selected to help create and produce the various HAYARI perfumes. All this in keeping with the traditional methods that have made the reputation of the French perfume industry. Robertet has been based in Grasse, the perfume capital of the world, since 1850. Robertet is known for the use of natural raw materials. HAYARI Paris fragrance creations are produced by hand in France and undergo numerous quality checks during the making, from distillation to bottling. Respecting the environment is one of Nabil Hayari's demands. HAYARI Paris therefore opts for sustainable perfume ingredients.

"Unique perfumes for outstanding women"

The HAYARI perfumes

A perfume is said to reveal one's personality. Nabil and Hugues were inspired by women. They created subtle, elegant and sensual perfumes that embody the different facets of female personalities: passion, seduction and mystery. Whether floral, woody or oriental, the notes in Hayari's perfumes are the result of rare essences. The perfumes are created in the purest French perfumery tradition and savoir-faire. Top, middle and base notes of delicate flowers, precious woods or sweet and spicy fruits fully embody the irresistible charms of women.

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Try: HAYARI Paris - Goldy

'Parisian chic' takes on a whole new meaning with the perfume Goldy. Like all HAYARI Paris perfumes, Goldy symbolizes the elegance and art of living of women. The perfume is inspired by French-style luxury, created for a femme fatal who is a perfectionist when it comes to style and fashion. Goldy is an extravagant and delicate perfume with base notes of sandalwood, musk and cedar. The floral top consists of white jasmine, daffodil and orange blossom.

Try: HAYARI Paris - Only For Her

Wear Only For Her and feel glamorous, seductive and sensual. This oriental perfume combined with a floral bouquet of white peonies and magnolias will enchant you. This perfume from HAYARI Paris is ultra-feminine. Warm base notes of sandalwood, vanilla and patchouli give depth to this perfume. Subtle, elegant, opulent and sexy; Only For Her is the finishing touch for a chic and stylish woman.

Try: HAYARI Paris - Rose Chic

Wherever you are in the world, HAYARI Paris will bring Parisian elegance to you with the perfume Rose Chic. The scent of green flowers and fresh roses makes you smell like a heavenly flower bouquet. Rose Chic will take you to the magical blooming gardens in Grasse, perfume capital of the world. A subtle hint of fruity notes combined with rose absolute and amber reflect a flower garden in paradise. Rose Chic is perfect for the classy and oh so chic summer days in Paris.

02 September 2021