Eutopie is a perfume house with Parisian roots that stretch all over the world. The name Eutopie comes from the word utopia, a term created by Thomas More in 1516 to describe an ideal society. Therefore, every Eutopie perfume is inspired by the idea of Thomas More's utopia. This north start demands the best materials from every country around the world. Eutopie's perfumes embody and celebrate the exotic cultures of the world. All of this with a quintessential Parisian touch, emanating elegance and beauty at every turn. 

About Eutopie

The perfumes of Eutopie tell the story of a nomadic couple who travels the world together. They embody the aromatic memories of their travels. Eutopie literally translates to "the place of god". Therefore, Eutopie works to reveal the beauty of the world through its memorable fragrances. Eutopie is a new perfume house; their first perfume was released in 2011, their collection has now expanded to 11 perfumes.

"Eutopie: a true journey of scents... and senses"

Perfumer Elodie Pollet

Elodie Pollet, the French perfumer behind the Eutopie brand, has always been drawn to the world of perfume. With over ten years of experience in the luxury retail and perfume industry, she has developed a strong appreciation for tradition, craftsmanship and quality products made with beautiful raw materials. Curious to discover the world around her, Elodie has enjoyed a nomadic life herself, working in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Such a life has enabled her to discover cultures and experiences during her memorable journeys. The fragrances that Elodie Pollet creates, in collaboration with talented 'noses' (perfumers/ perfume experts), embody the aromatic memories of her travels. It is a series of poems that begin with a common Parisian/French background that flourished into a plethora of cultures and fragrance notes from all over the world.

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16 September 2021