AER Scents is a Berlin-based perfume house, priding itself on being both independent and natural. They focus on making their perfumes luxurious, beautiful, sustainable and handcrafted. Put together these focuses make AER Scents one of the most exciting perfume brands around today. AER Scents create unique perfumes designed for a modern lifestyle, and all of their creations are 100% botanical.

About AER Scents

AER Scents was founded in 2017 after their Creative Director Ted Young-Ing couldn't find the perfect perfume. He asked his friend Stefan Kehl to create a fragrance for him. Together, they developed the first perfumes of AER Scents, with the idea of ​​creating a modern perfume house. AER Scents focuses on creating unique perfumes that are 100% natural, ethically produced, and made from the best ingredients in the world.

"Modern. Complex. Unique. Just like you."

Today, the AER Scents fragrance collection has grown to seven perfumes, all made from the world's most exquisite, natural ingredients. All perfumes from AER Scents are handmade and bottled in their Berlin-based studio. They develop their fragrances together with a selection of innovative 'noses' (perfumers/perfume experts).

100% botanical

AER Scents selects only the best raw materials from around the world. These are handcrafted into highly original, modern perfumes using millennia-old perfumery techniques. They only use direct plant extracts in their perfumes. That means no synthetics, no chemicals, no preservatives. And it's music to our ears, don't you agree. AER Scents collects all raw materials from small producers who value traditional techniques, sustainability and fair trade practices. Their concentrated perfumes are handmade without compromise; original, 100% natural, vegan and not tested on animals. 

Modern natural perfumes

AER Scents have a unique ideology behind their perfumes. Each perfume is inspired by the scent of a single ingredient instead of an abstract association. They search the world for extraordinary natural plant extracts of incredible quality. Once they find something exquisite, this ingredient becomes the centrepiece of a new AER Scents perfume. They then enhance the special centrepiece with some supporting notes to create an exciting, modern perfume.

Parfumado's selection by AER Scent

Accord No. 01 NAGARMOTHA

Accord No. 03 AMBRE

Accord No. 04 CEDAR

Accord No. 06 YLANG YLANG

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16 September 2021